The aura is part of our energy field, with the “working aura” extending about 9 feet from the physical body and comprised of 7 layers of energy. The state of our aura is affected by our emotions, substances we consume, and the environment. When we experience strong negative emotions, or consume toxins, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, etc. holes form in the aura, allowing our energy to leak out, and making us more accessible to outside energies that may affect our emotional state.

Specialized Aura Healing sessions:

  • AURA REPAIR: To find and repair holes that have formed within the aura to improve the integrity of the energetic body.
  • SHAMANIC AURA CLEANSE: To cleanse the aura from outside energies (other people’s emotions etc.) that are affecting you.
  • EGYPTIAN AURA REBALANCING: To clear and re-balance the 7 layers of the aura to assist with emotional processing and releasing the emotions held within your aura so you can more fully let them go.
Aura Healing


The protocol for each session will vary. During the Aura Repair and Shamanic Aura Cleanse, you are seated in a chair as the practitioner works within your energy field. The Egyptian Aura Rebalancing works with Sacred Geometries and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, as you are guided through a sacred process. You will be seated comfortably on a cushion on the floor, and guided through several postures and meditations.

  • SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes

  • INVESTMENT: $165 per session (including tax)

  • $400 for 3-session package