• For children 0-4 years of age

The ancient art of the lineage baby blessing was traditionally performed by mid-wives at the time of birth, welcoming the child into the world and providing protection for the spiritual being as they come into this physical world.

This blessing is an extremely sacred process, similar to an adult choosing to receive the Empower Thyself initiation, this is a gift a parent can choose for their child, to provide a strong connection with the light as they begin this being begins their journey on earth within the physical body.

The blessing will stay with the child throughout their life, supporting the child in maintianing their awareness of who they are as spiritual beings, and limiting the effect of amplification of negative energy from the world.


The protocol involves both of the parents being present, with the child in the arms of the mother.

The process can be done at the time of delivery (where timing is dependent on the baby) or at the client’s home within the first 4 years of the child’s life. It is recommended to do as close to the moment of birth as possible.

The energy exchange for this service is a key piece of the process, as it represents the parent’s sacrifice and desire for this work to be done.

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