The gemstone and crystal healing modalities are a great go-to session to build into your annual maintainance plan for your energy body and overall wellbeing. Each of these sessions are recommended in a 3-session series for best results.

    GEMSTONE HEALING: For relaxation, stress relief, physical & emotional healing, improving libido, passion, and empowerment.

    CRYSTAL HEALING RITES: To heal and resolve trauma, both in the distant past or current, and also to bring in good fortune for the future.

    Crystal Healing



    Gemstone Healing: the client relaxes on a massage table as the stones are placed on the body and activated. The practitioner continues to call in the energy and hold space for the stones to do their work. This is a very gentle, yet powerful and relaxing session.

    Crystal Healing Rites: the client holds one twin crystal and relaxes in a seated position as the practitioner holds the other twin crystal and repeats the mantra of the crystal rites. This session may shift the client to a deep meditative state as the energy flows in to support deep healing and new beginnings.

    Session Length: 60min

    $165 per session (including tax)
    $400 for 3-session package