Astral Travel Level 1

Our physical experience often takes center stage in our awareness. However, you are an infinite spiritual being, and there is much more to you than meets the eye (or hand, or nose). There is more to reality, and YOU CAN EXPLORE IT while still having a physical body. How might that be? Through the ASTRAL TRAVEL MEDITATION.

This Astral Travel meditation technique maintained through the Lineage of King Salomon uses Sacred Geometries to build an energetic vehicle for safe, and effective Astral Travel journeys.

In this class you will learn a technique to safely shift your consciousness beyond the physical body, and become a universal traveler. Explore the 7 dimensions of earth and beyond with Astral Travel meditation. Within the 7 dimensions you can connect with magickal beings like faeries, dragons, and elves. Explore the oceans of earth. Or travel to the 7th dimension and work with your book of life for greater understanding and clarity.

Not only is Astral Travel extremely helpful to gain a better understanding of our reality, through Astral Travel you will come to more deeply recognize the WHO YOU ARE AS A SPIRITUAL BEING. The art of Astral Travel works because you are an infinite spiritual being, and you have the ability to shift your awareness to another point within your infinite self.


  • Learn time-tested techniques to safely and effectively astral travel
  • Build your astral travel muscles and increase your intuition
  • Experience a guided astral travel journey to the akashic zone and learn from your book of life
  • Explore why astral travel is a key tool for spiritual awareness and personal growth

INSTRUCTOR: Genevieve Wachutka