Ostara Ceremony – Wiccan Spring Equinox

We gather to celebrate the Turning of the Wheel into Spring! It is the equinox – a time of balance, when the length of day is equal to night, and marks a return of the strength of the sun. As we move forward into spring, the waxing light brings greater energy and a re-birth of life.

On this sacred day, we honor this balance and celebrate the hints of what is yet to come. It is the season of Ostara, the Goddess of Spring, who comes to wake nature from its slumber and stimulate new growth and abundance of all the gifts the earth has to offer.

It is an auspicious time to gather and celebrate, partaking in these energies for growth and renewal to support us in the months to come.

This Wiccan Equinox Ceremony is based on a Celtic/Druid Wicca tradition that is pure light and preserved in the old tradition of celebrating the seasons.

Pre-Register: $25
At the Door: $35