Yoga & Sound Bath Charity Event

Join us on Sunday, July 21st for a Healing Elements experience while supporting a good cause. This special event is dedicated to raising funds to support homeless young people in our community. Explore our menu of activities co-hosted by Healing Elements and Genevieve Wachutka & Sarah Smriga of Modern Mystery School MSP.

4:00-6:00pm in the Healing Elements Cafe with Samantha Shvetzoff

Create Your Own Magic! Choose from a variety of essential oils which promote serious self love to create your own custom aromatherapy roller. Awaken your potential through the power of aroma. Scent plays a critical role in memory, mood and emotion and essential oils are the perfect tool for tapping in and bringing more awareness to your state of being.

Suggested donation is $10-20

6:00-7:15pm with Sara Sleeper, and Genevieve Wachutka & Sarah Smriga

All level flow class led by Sara Sleeper with a strong emphasis on alignment. Students will be guided through postures with clear, efficient cuing and posture breakdowns and demonstrations. Classes include a mix of foundational poses, movement with breath, and sequences that build strength, flexibility and knowledge to work toward more advanced poses.

Enjoy an extended 15min savasana featuring a sound bath with quartz crystal singing bowls and gong. The sound bath experience facilitates deeper relaxation and healing working with vibration and frequency to attune your energy system.

Total class time: 75min
Suggested Donation: $30

Register by making a donation here:

Can’t join the event? You can still support the cause! Donate any amount throughout the month of July to help us reach our goal of $1250.

To Donate:

100% of funds raised will go toward purchasing food for the YouthLink volunteer meal program.

About YouthLink:
YouthLink serves homeless young people ages 14-25 with a drop-in center and services for education, wellness, housing, and career. Modern Mystery School MSP has been partnering with YouthLink since 2017 to prepare and serve a monthly taco lunch to ~70 people in downtown Minneapolis drop in center.