• SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes

  • INVESTMENT: $220 (including tax)

Throughout the trials of life, as we experience stress, disappointments, and through own limiting belief structures, pieces of the soul body will fragment and disconnect. This can result in feeling not quite whole and less in touch with our own passion and life force energy. In this hermetic soul retrieval session, we will gather and restore missing soul fragments, restoring wholeness and a greater sense of self.

This gentle process of Hermetic Soul Retrieval draws on the hermetic and shamanic roots of the lineage, working with the energies of the moon to facilitate healing and re-integration as a result of stress, trauma, or shock.

Hermetic Soul Retrieval


The session begins with a process to prepare the energies where the client has an opportunity to state a request for what they wish to heal or create in their lives. During the soul retrieval process the client lays down and relaxes as Genevieve facilitates the process of calling in the soul fragments for integration. The client may experience the subtle energies or fall into a relaxed, meditative state throughout the process.