I’ve shared about my experience with the Modern Mystery School over the last 10 years as I’ve walked a spiritual path specializing in empowerment and tools for life as spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Recently a tabloid-like article was published with an atheist-slant and agenda to tear down the reputation and leadership of the school, and I feel the need to voice my experience when people I have worked with directly and the lineage that has given me so much is attacked by a few people with an axe to grind.
So here is my direct experience:
Every aspect of my life has been transformed and brought to higher levels from this work:
  • My emotional wellbeing
  • My mental health
  • My physical health,
  • My ability to see other perspectives
  • Letting go of attachments
  • Gaining freedom and joy in life
  • Confidence in myself and courage to grow and expand and explore new endeavors
  • A greater sense of peace within and ability to navigate upheaval in my life with greater ease – the list goes on and on.
The reason I’ve stayed on this path for so long is because I’ve been so impressed by the CONSISTENT RESULTS I’ve experienced from the tools and every step along the way, as well as the INTEGRITY of the teachers in the school.

My experience has been of a community of good people striving to be the best version of themselves, and no one demonstrates greater integrity in this than the people who are directly targeted by this highly biased article.

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the Founder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason over the last 6 years, and his authenticity in who he is inspires me. He has always demonstrated the utmost integrity as a teacher, and has an incredible ability to go beyond mental concepts to reach people on a soul level.
Gudni Gudnason
He is not a guru, does not want to be held up on a pedestal, does not claim to be perfect, and yet he consistently delivers from the heart, mind-expanding teachings and clarity that has opened my mind to greater possibilities of what’s possible for me. I’m inspired by him to courageously live my life, and express my true self.
I’ve also had the opportunity to work closely with Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon over the years, and he consistently demonstrates a generosity of spirit and integrity that I often think of as an example of how to be the most kind and wise version of myself.
He is a strong leader and challenges people to think beyond their perspective, to see a greater picture or differing viewpoints, and does so with heartfelt respect for each person. He holds people with such high esteem, that you are challenged to rise to your greatness.
Dave Lanyon

When it comes to how women are treated within the school, I have experienced and witnessed only RESPECT, professionalism, and holding space for women to step into their power.

The leadership of the school includes many powerful women, like Divina Theresa Bullard, Divina Franca, Divina Liza, Divina Rita Van den Berg, Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Divina Ann Donnelly, Martina Coogan, Verla Wade, Christina Lozano and Kathleen Lanyon who inspire me to be strong and confident, to be my unique self, and step into greater leadership in my own life.

While unfortunate, it’s not uncommon for a spiritual path to be misunderstood, branded a cult or twisted in other ways. I highly recommend this article by Christina Lozano that addresses the cult accusation directly.

The results of this work and my direct experience are the foundation I stand on. I’m so grateful for this school and for the community of people I have gotten to know on this path. I have found far greater levels of freedom and peace within, and the good fruits just keep coming.