• SESSION LENGTH: 30-60 minutes

New and existing clients may choose to schedule a private consultation  to meet and discuss specific challenges and develop a plan to best support you at this time.

My goal is to meet you where you’re at and assist you in making strides in whatever direction you wish to go. Whether it’s related to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or all of the above. All of these are related and we must address the whole person in order to make 

a pot of tea and clipboard in front of a woman ready for a consultation with a client

significant shifts in any area. This requires an understanding and knowledge of the subtle energy systems which are often overlooked. This lineage maintains tremendous knowledge and practical tools to work with the human energy systems for accelerated healing and accessing greater potential.​


Continuous study and application of the ancient wisdom school teachings accelerates the process of self-awareness and taking action in your life that supports you as a whole being. It is a path toward freedom and empowerment, and this is what I wish to share with all who are motivated to gain a greater understanding of themselves and expand the possibilities for joy and fulfillment in life.

When working with lineage tools we are moving beyond the mind & physical body to shift on an energetic level, accelerating physical, emotional, and mental healing. My focused training in these ancient lineage tools can assist you on your path. These are universal tools and teachings for all people, regardless of belief or spiritual background. There are many destinations on this path, as we are all on our unique journey. I respect and honor that uniqueness in each client.


  • Starting your meditation practice
  • Initiating new patterns 
  • Relieving stress & anxiety
  • Improving focus & creativity
  • Increasing energetic protection
    (for you and your space)
  • Enhancing the energy in your home
  • Developing a plan of action for healing
  • Shifting toward more fulfillment in life
  • Gaining skills as a healer
  • Developing understanding and practical application of ancient metaphysical teachings
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BEFORE: Prior to the appointment clients fill out a New Client Intake form to share your specific challenges and/or goals.

DURING: 30 minute consultation and tea with an optional intuitive reading to bring clarity to your path.

AFTER: A follow-up summary with a description of major themes covered during the discussion, recommended exercises and suggested next steps.