There are specialized methods to clear dense energies that are having a negative impact on a home and people residing there. This is the work of the Ritual Master. There are personal clearing options, and tools you can learn to support your own energy and to enhance the energy of the space (see below), but if this isn’t shifting it, or if the energy in the space is particularly disruptive, a specialized clearing for the space may be required.

Once the space is cleared, you can continue to fill the space with high vibration energy using several lineage tools to maintain a protected and light filled space:

You may choose to add on a Crystal Gridding service to support the integrity of the energy in your home ongoing.

Space Clearing - Genevieve Wachutka


Schedule a consultation to learn more about what is required for your particalar situation. Often this work requires a small team of Ritual Masters trained in space clearing complete the work at your home.