• CLASS LENGTH: 2.5 Hours


There is a lot going on around us that our brain picks up, but we don’t consciously register. You can stretch beyond what the physical body is able to perceive when you expand your spiritual intuition, and gain confidence in your abilities.

Learning to recognize and harness your innate intuition is a powerful tool for increased clarity and informed decision making. We all have intuitive abilities, and often it is a process of learning to recognize how it shows up for you, to let go of expectations of what intuition “should” look like, and as you begin to work with your intuition you become more familiar with how you perceive.


  • Guided practice with exercises to open clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience
  • Student manual with simple exercises to expand intuitive senses
  • Support in recogizing how your intuition shows up for you
  • Practical applications to enhance your life by using your intuition
  • Invitation to start the 90 Day Challenge and receive daily email support as you complete intuition exercises

The Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation sessions are recommended to support your intuitive development, and the Empower Thyself Program will also significantly support this process.