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Living Beyond the Box

with Genevieve Wachutka
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Self Mastery Specialist

Step onto a path of accelerated growth and transformation. Genevieve specializes in the practical application of deep metaphysical wisdom and tools to access more of your potential and experience greater clarity, joy, and purpose. 


Do you sense a greater potential within? I’m here to guide you in illuminating your greatness. This ancient lineage of metaphysics works with the heart and mind for a truly transformational process of alchemy at a soul level.

It’s all about results. Practical tools for sustainable growth on the journey of healing and empowerment to:

  • Gain greater awareness and understanding of self
  • Increase your intuition and gain clarity
  • Level up your daily baseline of more joy
  • Experience more peace within your heart and mind
  • Improve your relationship with yourself
  • Gain a sense of purpose fulfillment
  • Explore the mysteries of life, God, and the cosmos
  • Navigate a path of self-mastery to realize your greatness

If these are areas you’d like to develop, the good news is you are not alone! There is a time-tested path specialized in spiritual progression and self-mastery that has worked for me and many others for thousands of years.

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Take the tools and teachings, apply them in your life, test them, and judge their value based on your own experience and results. You don’t have to take my word for it. By the fruits you shall know.

“I was called to take Empower Thyself with Genevieve and am very grateful that I followed through with that action. The energy that came through for me was transformative and very powerful. I left feeling directed and supported, and hadreceived tools to continue empowering myself throughout my life. At time of writing it has been a little over a month from receiving my initiation and the changes that have already started taking place in my life have been magical.”

Matt T.

“I have always been interested in Spirituality and the meaning of life. The Empower Thyself program gave me the tools and knowledge to become an alchemist of my own progression. With simple daily rituals and information of the many beings of light that are by my side, this ancient lineage has opened my eyes to a what the world has forgotten. I have been initiated into a community that embraces and encourages my higher self. I am deeply grateful to Genevieve for guiding me on my path.”

Nikolet J.

“I attended the Empower Thyself class in 2019, and went into it not knowing really what to expect. In class the word “joy” kept coming up, and I realized that’s what I wanted more of, but not really knowing what joy was, or felt like, or meant.

Right after I was initiated I couldn’t do anything but smile, I felt so light and good, and thought “this feels like joy.”  

Ever since then it’s been easier to get to that level. My lows haven’t been as low, and I know how to manage all of the ups and downs. The actual experience of the 2-days was great. It’s something that I’ll take with me forever.”

Lindsie H.

“Working with Genevieve has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself over the past 2+ years. From Empower Thyself Program, regular 1v1 check-ins, guided meditations, and currently Kabbalah program, Genevieve’s guidance has been a constant light and source of wisdom and joy. Her insatiable quest for knowledge of what King Solomon’s lineage has to offer and her ability to share and relay these teachings creates a space where one can truly dig into self-work and in a space free of judgement. When I think of Genevieve, I think of community because I know and see what a pillar she is to those around her. FIVE STARS”

Courtney L.

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