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The Life Activation creates a foundation for new growth and healing. This session activates the divine blueprint within your spiritual DNA, setting in motion key energies for personal empowerment and self-awareness. The healing that takes place with the Life Activation session is unique to each individual, as it is working with our individuality to express more of our true essence in our lives.

Consistent themes resulting from this session include:

  • Greater physical energy & physical healing
  • Less worry and anxiety
  • Increased hope and ability to see a path forward
  • Breaking through personal blocks and negative patterns
  • Increased intuition and connection to self
  • More balanced energies and new opportunities in alignment with your divine essence
Life Activation
Life Activation


During the session you will be guided to sit or stand as your practitioner works within your energy field, including an energy balancing, DNA activation, and intuitive reading. The energy balancing works with the elemental, magnetic, etheric and chakra energies within the energy field. The activation takes place within your etheric energy field at the back of your head, neck, and upper back. The process is like turning on a switch within the DNA to awaken the blueprint for who you are as a divine being and assist you to embody more of your spiritual essence.​

You will be sent home with two homeopathic elixirs to assist with integrating the energy from the session.

SESSION LENGTH: 90 minutes


“I came across Genevieve’s website toward the end of June 2018 when I was in search of some kind of liberation from my pain. I was going through emotional suffering and hurt from my personal, professional and family life. At that point, I already tried other healing modalities and I would get temporary reliefs and then back to square one.

The first session I got from Genevieve was a Life Activation on July 1, 2017. It was extraordinary, magical and life changing event for me. I am writing this testimony on July 08, 2018 in exactly one year. My life has changed so much in every single area to a point it’s like the old me was a bad nightmare I don’t want to remember.

I also received the Full Spirit Activation two weeks after the Life activation and before I could have any other healing sessions I was able to secure a huge promotion for a position that resolved the financial challenging I was having. I stopped getting self-sabotaging thoughts, which were very rampant before we started working together. My bad eating habits shifted to healthy eating habits, and most importantly I gained self confidence in a way I could not imagine in a short period of time.

The following month I received the Empower Thyself initiation, and the transformational journey continued to unfold in miraculous ways. 

Genevieve is very authentic and compassionate healer. Her intuitive skills are genuine and I am always impressed with her ability to know exactly what I need whenever I consult with her. Let me simply say, the work I have done with Genevieve has been the best gift I have ever given myself.”

Jacklyn C.

“I recently experienced the Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation with Genevieve and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an energy restart. As someone who suffers from anxiety, these two activations helped me find a certain level of calm and clarity that I have not felt in a long time. The activations helped me find new creative and professional energy. They also helped me calm down enough to have a good night sleep.”
Kristine C.

“I first met Genevieve when I went to her for a “Life Activation” session.  While I had heard of energy work before, I had never experienced it personally.  I wasn’t even interested in energy work, but I was feeling really … stuck, in my life.  So for my birthday I treated myself to something different.

It has completely changed my life. It’s like my energy was being held back from me behind a dam. Genevieve found the keystone and the dam has been gradually disassembling ever since. I no longer feel like I’m blindly stumbling through life. I have found the path I want to travel and I now have the energy and courage to pursue my dreams.  

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I would love to proclaim Genevieve to be a miracle worker, most of the positive changes in my life are due to my own work and searching, but I know it would not have been possible without her help and continued support.

I don’t remember much about the Life Activation session itself, there’s really nothing to it for the participant. You just make yourself comfortable while Genevieve does the work.  

I did the Life Activation kind of on a whim and did not expect it to have such a significant and massive impact on my life. It’s possible that not everyone will have such significant results, but be aware that the Life Activation session can ultimately rock your world to the core.”

Melissa P.

“The Life Activation session I had with Genevieve last year has forever changed my life. Bringing clarity, an abundance of love, and what feels like the fast track to my spiritual growth. Her energy is so calm, centered, and sweet…Upon meeting her you’ll understand.”
Lydia Z.

“From the first time I met Genevieve I could tell she was the real deal! I am very much into deep energetic work but take my time with people to make sure I want to dive into that space with them. Even though I did have the privilege to spend some time getting to know her, from being a part of the Healing Elements Community as well as taking a Workshop with her, I had a really great feeling about her level of commitment and energy from the start- which only proved stronger and stronger as I got to know her. I finally felt the call too strong to deny to receive the Life Activation with her and it is something I will never regret.

During the actual session I had a very visceral experience during the energy balancing, which affirmed how strong her energy and connection with her work was! I chose to receive the work and not put too much pressure on the outcome and what I saw unfold in me was remarkable. Immediately for the next following days I felt a new presence and awareness within myself and body. I felt more like me than I had in a very long time!

The following month I discovered I had a new strength and confidence to finally carry through with deep truths and dreams and begin making moves to start creating a deeper and more meaningful reality for myself!!! I felt so intensely moved by this service I knew I needed to carry through and receive the Full Spirit Activation as well! For me the Life Activation and the response I had too it was just so much fun!!!

The Full Spirit activation has proved to be a little more work for me just bringing in some more substantial lessons, but I think it is a very personal journey and probably wouldn’t effect everybody this way… and it is what I asked to do!! Funny how that works! I highly recommend working with Genevieve with any of her services! She has a very strong and in tune energy that does not waver! I trust her completely and am very impressed by her connection to her work and the experience I have had since these sessions!”

Dawn S.

“I have received a Life Activation and a Full Spirit Activation from Genevieve and I can honestly say that these services have made a profound impact on my life. Immediately after the Life Activation I felt calm and clear and I walked away thinking, “that was pleasant”, but I know that the services had a lasting impact. I do not credit all of the change in my life that has occurred since first receiving the Life Activation fully to the service, but I believe that it acted as a springboard and has continued to give me strength to “follow my bliss” and make the tough decisions and changes that are required to create the life that I want to live. I continue to see Genevieve for tune-ups and other services. I feel it is one of the best things I can do for myself.”
Lauren A.

“Getting the Life Activation performed on me was one of the most calming experiences of my life.  I felt light and my mood was elevated.  Taking the time from the everyday hustle to truly relax and get myself re-aligned was so amazing, I hadn’t realized I needed it that bad.  When it was over, I left with this renewed sense of clarity about life and excitement about the future.”
Janna A.

“The Life Activation with Genevieve was miraculous. I felt deeply relaxed and calm at sessions end. A lightness, a brighter world, connection, energy. My senses seemed to come alive. Colors vivid and saturated. Lovely sounds. Lovely smells. I am more myself than I have been in months. I told my husband that he needed to experience this, the sooner the better.”
Nicole U.