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“The biggest obstacle you face is within. When you pursue Self Mastery, you are untying the knots that bind. This brings freedom to everyday life, and the energy to live life alive and full of joy. An inner shift can change everything. That power is within you.”

– Genevieve Wachutka


“Working with Genevieve has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself over the past 2+ years. From Empower Thyself Program, regular 1v1 check-ins, guided meditations, and currently Kabbalah Program, Genevieve has been a constant light and source of wisdom and joy.

Her insatiable quest for knowledge and her ability to share and relay teachings creates a space where one can truly dig into self-work and in a space free of judgement.

When I think of Genevieve, I think of community because I know and see what a pillar she is to those around her. FIVE STARS.”

Courtney L.

โ€œMy experience at the Modern Mystery School has infused Joy & Light into my heart & soul! Through this lineage tradition, Genevieve Wachutka conveys powerful lessons to get rid of the negative Ego, step into the Light and walk the path to Self Mastery & Enlightenment.

I am forever grateful for receiving the keys to unlock the treasure within!”

Tom S.

Genevieve is a supportive guide who continues help me on my journey. She is a calming person who will meet you where you are.”

Christina V.

I had an exceptional experience in my courses with Genevieve. She takes great care when imparting knowledge to her students, answering questions, and allowing space for us to absorb or share about our new learnings. And even when arranging to attend her classes from a faraway location, Genevieve was helpful, informative, inclusive, and thorough about every detail. I am so grateful for this entire experience! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™”

Janel S.

“I was called to take Empower Thyself with Genevieve and am very grateful that I followed through with taking that action.ย 

The energy that came through for me was transformative and very powerful.ย  I left feeling directed and supported and had received tools to continue empowering myself throughout my life.ย 

At time of writing it has been a little over a month from receiving my initiation and the changes that have already started taking place in my life have been Magickal. ๐Ÿ™

Matt T.

โ€œThis past year Genevieve has been my Guide on my spiritual growth path. She has shared many classes, healing sessions and guided meditations with me.

Genevieve is very insightful, in touch with her higher self, and leads by example. She has a wealth of knowledge & experience to share. After each interaction I leave feeling centered and at peace.”

Melinda S.

โ€œGenevieve’s Empower Thyself course came at a time when I needed it the most.ย  Through her patience, listening, and gentle questions, she helped me identify the aspirations I’ve always carried, but was too afraid to face.ย  This course gives you the time to look inwardly, and honor yourself and your purpose.ย  It has greatly helped me in working with others, and recognizing the importance in everyone realizing their dreams.ย  Conflicts are easier to navigate, anxieties are faced with calmness, and my goals aren’t daunting–they are gifts that I now get the opportunity to pursue.ย  Thank you Genevieve for doing this work and sharing your love and compassion.โ€

Alex H.