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Spiritual Tools for Moms

Activate your super-powers to take on the biggest job in the world.

My own journey into motherhood gave me insight into how the healing and empowerment tools I’ve been sharing for the past 10 years are especially suited for one of the most challenging experiences I could imagine: motherhood.

Not only can these tools help you thrive as a mom, but in strengthening your connection to Self you are able to face all of the challenges of life with greater clarity and confidence. 

My goal is to give you tools to find the most compelling answers coming from within. To strengthen your foundation so you can rock your life, embracing all aspects of your multi-faceted self, as a mom and beyond.

These tools can help you to:

  • Restore balance
  • Gain clarity
  • Have more energy
  • Connect to your inner knowing
  • Explore more of your joy and passions beyond motherhood
  • Accelerate healing on all levels
  • Create sacred space
  • Overcome obstacles with more ease
  • Build your relationship with yourself
  • Enhance your relationships with others

The Toolkit

Experience the best results when you combine private healing sessions to restore balance and vitality and classes to give you practical tools to harness energy and direct it to enhance your life.

These healing modalities and classes come from an authentic Mystery School lineage with a traceable lineage that goes back at least 3000 years, specializing in tools for personal empowerment and self-mastery.

The keys maintained through the Modern Mystery School lineage offers a path of true Alchemy. The art and science of alchemy is a time-tested process of accelerating growth and transformation to embody your greatest Self.

As a mom, you can use these tools and alchemical keys to access your super-powers and thrive amidst the chaos of life.

  • Harness your energy & learn how to maintain and strengthen your energy system
  • Gain more clarity and confidence 
  • Maintain greater balance and peace within your heart and mind
  • Develop your intuition and connection to Self

You don’t have to go it alone. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to meet you where you’re at and create a custom plan that’s right for you. 

Recommended Healing Sessions

The following healing sessions are a great place to start and can support you on your journey as a mom. View all services offered here. 

Life Activation

The Life Activation session is recommended place to start. This session includes a full energy balancing & DNA Activation. The energy balancing  brings greater balance and alignment to your energy structure. This is especially helpful after pregnancy and birth to restore alignment and overall wellbeing.

The DNA Activation enhances your connection to self. DNA contains the blueprints for who you are. By activating your spiritual and physical DNA, you begin to embody of who you are as Spirit in your physical life. This leads to a stronger inner knowing and clarity, a sense of hope, and moving into greater alignment with your innermost joy and purpose. 

90min session
$250 or build a custom package for discounted pricing

Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation builds on the Life Activation session. It is a follow-up session that can be done within 3-months of the Life Activation to bring the full communication system of body, soul, spirit online. The Soul body is the mediator between body and Spirit, and this activation enhances this connection for greater communication through your Soul. 

90min session
$250 or build a custom package for discounted pricing

Ensofic Ray 3-Session Series

The Ensofic Ray 3-session series accelerates physical healing and creates a strong foundation for healing on all levels. This is the most advanced reiki system available, and for new moms, this series is a great option to support physical healing as well as providing stress relief and support. 

3 session series / 90min sessions
$650 or build a custom package for discounted pricing


Recommended Classes

The following classes are a great place to start to equip yourself with tools on your journey in motherhood and beyond.

Empower Thyself Program & Initiation

The Empower Thyself program is a 2-day training and transformational process to step into the drivers seat in your life with greater clarity and awareness. This initiates an alchemical process of healing and equips you with powerful tools you can use in your life every day to give you the strength to take on the challenges of life. 

Gain insight and tools related to:

  •  The Structure of the Universe
  • Energy Structure of the Human Body
  • Mastering the Mind & Influence of the Negative Ego
  • Keys to Wielding Energy
  • Meditation
  • Harnessing Chi Energy
  • Intuition & 5 Spiritual Senses
  • Universal Kabbalah and the Tree of Life
  • Initiation to anchor more spiritual energy (light) into your physical life for more clarity and accelerated growth.

As a mom you are a leader in your life. Change starts from within, and this program opens the mind and heart to greater possibilities within you, giving you tools to recognize when you’re out of balance and bring yourself back into alignment.  Discover keys to self mastery as a spiritual being living in the physical world, and step onto this path of accelerated growth and healing to be a greater force for good in your life and the world.

Sacred Geometry Level 1

Discover the language of the Universe and a technique to create greater harmony within yourself and in your space. There is more to reality than meets the eye. Sacred Geometry works with frequency and vibration, giving us access to the building blocks of the universe to raise the frequency and hold more light within ourselves and our space.

In this class:

  • Activate the keys to creation within your physical body to raise your vibration and work with these keys in a more conscious way.
  • Learn a technique to activate the keys within a room or building to shift the energy, raise the vibration, and provide energetic protection from outside influences.
  • Discover the art of using an altar to anchor spiritual energies and anchor your personal spiritual practice
  • Receive a ritual to create temple energy for your personal spiritual practice

Inner Guidance Series

This 2-part class series provides insight into how your intuition works, and support in building your relationship with your intuition and inner knowing – because some things even Google can’t answer! 

Part 1: The Sanctuary Meditation technique is a specific method of bypassing the mental chatter to connect with the Higher mind for insight and clarity. Use this technique to ask questions and gain perspective on the challenges of life. Participants will be guided through the technique and receive a manual with step-by-step process to continue working with it on their own.

Part 2: Spiritual Intuition provides an overview of the phenomena of intuition, and techniques to develop this muscle. Participants will gain insight into their intuitive strengths and learn exercises they can do to perceive more.

Specialty Services

Contact Genevieve for more details on the following services

Baby Blessing

The ancient art of the lineage baby blessing was traditionally performed by mid-wives at the time of birth, welcoming the child into the world and providing protection for the spiritual being as they come into this physical world.

This blessing is an extremely sacred process, similar to an adult choosing to receive the Empower Thyself initiation, this is a gift a parent can choose for their child, to provide a strong connection with the light as they begin this being begins their journey on earth within the physical body.

The blessing will stay with the child throughout their life, supporting the child in maintianing their awareness of who they are as spiritual beings, and limiting the effect of amplification of negative energy from the world.