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The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is a community of light workers dedicated to human progression toward greater inner peace and wisdom of the heart. Guides and Healers within this lineage walk a path of empowerment and service.

In 1997 Founder Gudni Gudnason opened the doors of this ancient Mystery School to the public, making these ancient teachings available to those who seek to live a more empowered life. Since that time, the lineage has grown with Guides and Healers sharing these tools and teachings in 55 countries around the world.

A Mission of World Peace

The mission of the school supports a global movement of greater self-awareness and healing. Of waking up to the “authentic self,” and mastering the negative ego so you can step into the drivers seat with full authority over your life. As we remember who we are as spiritual beings, we tap into the great potential that is within each of us. As within, so without! When we are at peace within, we have a greater ability to make a real positive impact on the planet.

This is an exciting time, for we can better wield the tools of modern technology when it is anchored in a deeper understanding of who we are and the nature of reality.


The Unbroken Lineage of the Modern Mystery School

The key to the integrity and power of a true Mystery School is held in the unbroken lineage. The Modern Mystery School has an unbroken lineage traceable for 3,000 years, to the time of King Salomon, and continues through the oral tradition 8000 years to the time of Hermes. As one of the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools remaining on the planet, the Modern Mystery School is the only lineage that is currently open to the public. The oral keys and teachings of this lineage have been passed down through a special energetic handing down to maintain a powerful thread of authority and understanding. This is known as the path of initiation.


Lineage Holders

The keys for the lineage are held by the highest level of initiate, known as Ipsissimus. The title “Ipsissimus” honors the role of lineage holder, with the highest level of responsibility and authority to maintain the keys and existance of the unbroken lineage throughout the ages.

The Modern Mystery School lineage holders:

Ipsissimus Gudni GED Gudnason, Founder of the Modern Mystery School
Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon
Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome

Modern Mystery School

Founder Gudni Gudnason

The Modern Mystery School teachings are available to us today through the dedication of Founder Gudni Gudnason.

Founder Gudni has lived his life in service to humanity. As a young man, Founder Gudni began his formal training with the Golden Dawn in London. He traveled around the world, continuing his studies to receive the inner teachings of the Lineage of King Salomon. Attaining the highest degree of initiation as Ipsissimus, with the keys and authority as Lineage Holder for the King Salomon lineage.

In 1997 the time had come for the doors of the North American Mystery School to open to the public, and share this path of empowerment and healing with all who desired it.  This is a time for humanity to awaken to the core essence of who we are as spiritual beings. This lineage anchors a specific ray of energy with a purpose of bridging Heaven and Earth, on a mission for world peace.

Founder Gudni lives a life of joy and purpose. He is an example of living the magick he teaches, and guides others to enlighten their hearts and minds to live a life of greater joy and service. He is driven on a mission to improve the lives of all people. His work continues through the Modern Mystery School, ongoing humanitarian efforts, and innovative explorations as an artist and producer. 

The Council of 12

The Council of 12 is a comprised of 12 women anchoring the feminine aspect of the Divine. The Council of 12 works closely with the Lineage Holders to direct the energy of the lineage and provide leadership for the school at the highest level. 

The positions of the Council of 12 are held for a period of time, and members of the Council may shift as needed. Currently the Council of 12 includes:

  • Divina Franca Lanyon (Toronto)
  • Divina Theresa Bullard (USA)
  • Divina Liza Rossi (Brazil)
  • Divina Ann Donnely (Ireland)
  • Divina Kate Bartram-Brown (UK)
  • Divina Rita Van Den Berg (South Africa)
  • Divina Eiko Gudnason (Japan)
  • Divina Louisa Nakagome (Japan)
  • Divina Tsukiko Kimura (Japan)
  • Divina Maki Otani (Japan)
  • Divina Suzuki Kitamura(Japan)
  • Divina Yoda Asuza (Japan)

Global Community

The Modern Mystery School has expanded with initiates all over the world. We are united in walking this path of initiation to cultivate peace within, and to create peace within the greater whole. With Guides and Healers in 55 countries and growing, we work together as an international community to foster unity, love, compassion, and peace for all.

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