Living Beyond the Box

with Genevieve Wachutka
Certified by the Modern Mystery School


Discover ancient lineage tools and teachings, empowering people all over the world with tools for life combined with a deeper understanding of the forces forming our reality. 

Become a better equipped, positive change agent in your life and beyond.


The door is open to a time-tested system of accelerated growth and empowerment. Discover a new reality with greater levels of joy, purpose, and sense of fulfillment. 

Work with Genevieve to:

  • Gain tools and energetic support to navigate the challenges of life with greater confidence and stability.

  • Discover more of your purpose and step into action in a greater way.

  • Receive keys maintained within an authentic Mystery School tradition for greater understanding of who you are as spiritual beings having this physical experience

  • Expand your impact as a greater force for good in the world 

Ships are safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are for.

Go where no one has gone before, pursuing the infinite reach of your own intrepid spirit. 

Gather the wisdom and tools preserved by the Modern Mystery School, and gain a network of support from those who have dared to travel this most rewarding and challenging path of self-exploration.

This path has taken me so far beyond what I even imagined is possible. It’s not about feeling “good” for a moment, but sustained transformation and standing on a stronger foundation in life.

I have seen the fruits for myself and many others, and it is the most rewarding work I can imagine to open the door and support others on this journey. I invite you to walk this path, and step into a new reality of greater joy, fulfillment and sense of purpose. 

with love,

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