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Life Activation

When we address all of the elements of a human being (body, soul, and spirit) we can create a shift on a deeper level to facilitate physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The Life Activation is an ancient tool for activating your unique spiritual blueprint within the DNA. This session includes a full energy balancing and DNA activation for healing, connection to self, and a fertile foundation for shifting patterns and new possibilities.

90min session
Investment: $250 

Full Spirit Activation

The soul body is part of our physical structure, and is the go-between communication mechanism for our spirit and our conscious mind. This session increases this connection by working with the brain to increase our conscious awareness and the chakra system. The chakras bind the soul body to the physical body, and support this connection. This session increases our awareness, and enhances the communication mechanism for us to have greater insight, clarity, and sense of purpose.

90min session
Investment: $250 
*Pre-requisite: Life Activation Session – to be completed within 3 months of the Life Activation session

The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray 

This healing modality is the complete reiki system as it was originally intended. It’s a powerful tool for re-aligning body, soul, spirit, supporting deep healing on all levels. It’s recommended for imbalances that result in any mental, emotional or physical manifestation of disease.

This modality is completed in a 3-part series.

  • In the first session we address stagnation and imbalances within the physical body, flowing this powerful ray of energy throughout the body to re-align and address the root cause of the illness.
  • The second session continues the process of alignment and healing, and additionally places symbols within the energy field to transform the physical body’s ability to maintain the light energy.
  • The third session is customized for each client, choosing to focus on a personalized theme, for either physical, emotional, or mental healing.

EnSofic Ray can support you to:

  • Address the energetic foundation responsible for the manifestation of disease
  • Align with your original blueprint and release old wounds contributing to negative behaviors / patterns
  • Increase consciousness of spiritual energies helping you to connect to your divine potential
  • Restore a connection to the unity within and without

90min sessions
Investment: $250 per session or $650 for 3-session series (save $100)

Learn more about EnSofic Ray


Aura Healing

The aura is part of our energy field, with the “working aura” extending about 9 feet from the physical body and comprised of 7 layers of energy. The state of our aura is affected by our emotions, substances we consume, and the environment. When we experience strong negative emotions, or consume toxins, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, etc. holes form in the aura, allowing our energy to leak out, and making us more accessible to outside energies that may affect our emotional state.

Specialized Aura Healing sessions:

  • AURA REPAIR: To find and repair holes that have formed within the aura to improve the integrity of the energetic body.
  • SHAMANIC AURA CLEANSE: To cleanse the aura from outside energies (other people’s emotions etc.) that are affecting you.
  • EGYPTIAN AURA REBALANCING: To clear and re-balance the 7 layers of the aura to assist with emotional processing and releasing the emotions held within your aura so you can more fully let them go.

60min sessions
Investment: $250

Gemstone & Crystal Healing

The gemstone and crystal healing modalities are a great go-to session to build into your annual maintainance plan for your energy body and overall wellbeing. Each of these sessions are recommended in a 3-session series for best results.

GEMSTONE HEALING: For relaxation, stress relief, physical & emotional healing, improving libido, passion, and empowerment.

CRYSTAL HEALING RITES: To heal and resolve trauma, both in the distant past or current, and also to bring in good fortune for the future.

    60min session
    Investment: $250

    Hermetic Soul Retrieval

    Throughout the trials of life, as we experience stress, disappointments, and through own limiting belief structures, pieces of the soul body will fragment and disconnect. This can result in feeling not quite whole and less in touch with our own passion and life force energy. In this hermetic soul retrieval session, we will gather and restore missing soul fragments, restoring wholeness and a greater sense of self.

    This gentle process of Hermetic Soul Retrieval draws on the hermetic and shamanic roots of the lineage, working with the energies of the moon to facilitate healing and re-integration as a result of stress, trauma, or shock.

      90min session
      Investment: $250 

      Fire Soul Infusion

      A Sacred Geometry healing session, this activation assists in opening the mind to think larger than it is currently. Working with the element of Fire within the soul body, this session assists with recognizing the desires of the Soul. It assists with the process of creation and expanding the mind to more effectively create in your life.

      Benefits include:

      • Energy to move forward in life
      • Sparking joy, passion, and creativity
      • Overcoming inertia
      • Receive potential from higher dimensions
      • Remembering who you are and your divine nature
      • Greater awareness and perception

      90min session
      Investment: $250
      *Prerequisite: Life Activation Session


      Core Will Infusion

      A Sacred Geometry healing session, this activation supports aligning your core will with the Will of God, the Will to do Good, and come into greater alignment with the Divine within you. Assists with coming into greater balance and having greater clarity and purpose. 

      Benefits include:

      • Feel more in touch with your Spirit
      • Experience greater reverence for life
      • Greater clarity and sense of purpose in life
      • Overcome obstacles and see challenges from a higher perspective
      • Strengthen dedication to overcome resistance 

      90min session
      Investment: $250
      *Prerequisite: Life Activation Session


      Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Tube of Light 

      A Sacred Geometry healing session, this session places an intergalactic shield of protection around the body, and supports shifting into a higher perspective and letting go of attachments.

      90min session
      Investment: $250
      *Prerequisite: Life Activation Session


      Etheric Reconstruction

      Etheric Reconstruction works with the layer of energy nearest the physical body known as etheric energy. This is where the blueprints for physical manifestation exist. All illness passes through the etheric field before manifesting in the physical body. With this session we remove blockages and heal distortions within the etheric energy body.

      • Address core issues and obstructions that keep you stuck in negative patterns
      • Shift negative mental anxiety
      • Support healing from chronic and acute physical illness
      • Integrate self-healing work at a deeper level by removing the etheric residue of processed emotions

        120min session
        Investment: $400
        3-session package: $1100

        Goddess Isis Healing

        Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality causes a death and rebirth of the emotional body which in turn creates a revitalized mental and physical state of being. As a result of this realignment, people often experience having more available energy, more usage of the brain capacity and more vitality for everyday life.

          90min session
          Investment: $250

          Egyptian Aura Healing - Sacred Geometry Level 3 - Modern Mystery School

          Ra Healing

          By accessing the ray of Ra, this modality uses the source energy of creation to clear out your aura of unwanted lower vibrations that do not serve your best interest. It heals as it purifies your personal energy field, restoring its capacity to contain Light. The Ra healing places you in a protective seal which acts like a buffer between you and undesirable negative energies. You will feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized.

            90min session
            Investment: $250

            Egyptian Aura Healing - Sacred Geometry Level 3 - Modern Mystery School

            Celtic Merlin Healing

            A shamanic healing working with the Triple Goddess energy, Mother Earth and beings of Light to cleanse the soul body and restore balance and greater vitality.

              90min session
              Investment: $250

              Energy Clearing 

              When you feel like you’re experiencing other people’s emotions, feeling “off” or weighted down, a personal clearing is a great tool to shift the energy and release any emotions or energies that are not your own.

              This service includes:

              • Negative Spell Removal
              • Emotional Cord Cutting
              • Shamanic Aura Clearing
              • Purification by Light 

              For more tools and resources, the Empower Thyself program teaches ancient lineage tools you can use to protect your energy body from outside influences, how to shift your energy, and the initiation at the end of the program anchors greater protection and light for you to maintain your sparkling energy body.

                60min session
                Investment: $250

                Intuitive Crystal Reading 

                We work with twin crystals which have grown from the same cluster, receiving guidance from your Guides and other Beings of Light to address questions you may have about the past, present, or future. You have the knowledge within you, but sometimes we don’t see our own stuck-points. A reading may affirm information you already know is true, but perhaps have pushed aside or haven’t fully realized. You may also receive a new perspective to bring clarity to a situation.

                60min session
                Investment: $150

                Purpose of Life Reading 

                The Life Purpose reading is focused on tapping into your spiritual blueprint within your etheric structure to gain information to support you on your life path. We can review past emanations that have prepared you for your mission here on earth, and gain insight into strengths and weaknesses.

                  Through this process we can gain information to support you in moving forward with your life’s work to bring greater alignment with who you are and what you are here to do. 

                  60min session
                  Investment: $150

                  Spiritual Drug Detox  

                  The Spiritual Drug Detox program is a 10-session series to address addiction on a holistic level. Advanced energy healing techniques support those who have experienced substance abuse. This program addresses wounds and triggers that are perpetuating the cycle of addiction, healing etheric damage caused by drugs and alcohol, and repairing etheric structures that amplify addictive tendencies.

                  This modality addresses and heals the various energy systems we have as humans:

                  • Past Life Emanations
                  • Magnetic imbalance
                  • Physical trauma
                  • Emotional trauma and heart healing
                  • Soul trauma and healing of the pituitary and pineal glands
                  • Spirit trauma and restoring divine essence

                  This series is especially helpful for resolving damage from past drug use or exposure, including medications and recreational drug use, that continues to affect the energy body and flow of energy.

                  90min sessions
                  10-session series to be completed within 6 months
                  Investment: $300/session

                  Baby Blessing

                  The ancient art of the lineage baby blessing was traditionally performed by mid-wives at the time of birth, welcoming the child into the world and providing protection for the spiritual being as they come into this physical world.

                  This blessing is an extremely sacred process, similar to an adult choosing to receive the Empower Thyself initiation, this is a gift a parent can choose for their child, to provide a strong connection with the light as they begin this being begins their journey on earth within the physical body.

                  The blessing will stay with the child throughout their life, supporting the child in maintianing their awareness of who they are as spiritual beings, and limiting the effect of amplification of negative energy from the world.

                  Contact Genevieve for more information

                  Space Clearing 

                  There are specialized methods to clear dense energies that are having a negative impact on a home and its residents. This is the work of the Ritual Master. There are tools you can learn to support your own energy and to enhance the energy of the space (see below), but if this isn’t shifting it, or if the energy in the space is particularly disruptive, a specialized clearing for the space may be required.

                  Once the space is cleared, you can continue to fill the space with high vibration energy using several lineage tools to maintain a protected and light filled space:

                  Contact Genevieve for more information
                  Costs vary

                    Crystal Grid Your Space 

                    Sacred geometry is a metaphysical area of study working with the patterns of creation. Crystals are a great example of these patterns within nature, and have a tremendous ability to affect the energy in our home and within our bodies.

                    Using a specific lineage crystal gridding technique, Genevieve installs energetic walls to protect and charge the energy within the space. These energetic walls allow divine energy to infuse the space and holds back chaotic/negative energy. The body will respond immediately as if walking into an energetic sanctuary. Many people find they are able to think more clearly, meditate more deeply, and have more creativity when living and working within a crystal gridded space.

                    A crystal gridded space is recommended for:

                    • Your home living area
                    • Office spaces
                    • Classrooms
                    • Medical facilities
                    • Massage centers
                    • Wellness Spas
                    • Yoga studios
                    • Chiropractic offices
                    • Acupuncture clinics

                    Contact Genevieve for more information
                    Costs vary

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