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Getting started Packages

Beginner Package

The Beginner Package provides two private healing sessions that bring light into the DNA to embody more of the spirit within the physical body. The Life Activation is the first step to turn on this blueprint for who you are as a spiritual being. The Full Spirit Activation is the second step, activating the soul body, which is the go-between communication between your spirit and your conscious mind. 

Sacred Geometry Level 1 provides an introduction to energy, frequency, and vibration. In this class we activate the 3 primary keys for manifestation within your energy structure, and share a technique you can use to enhance the energy in your space. The Awaken Thyself class is an introduction to the lineage and the Path of Initiation. In this class you experience a ritual of protection, a tool for harnessing spiritual energies, and a meditation technique to connect with your Higher Self.


Life Activation session
Full Spirit Activation session
Sacred Geometry Level 1
Awaken Thyself class

Investment: $650 (save $80)

Signature Package

The Signature Package builds on the Beginner Package, but instead of the Awaken Thyself introductory class, you receive the full 2-day Empower Thyself program and initiation. This is the program that started it all for me. In this class you receive 2 days of transformational teachings, and in this process we are anchoring keys of empowerment within your energy field. These spiritual energies are anchored at the end of the 2nd day with a special ceremony called “initiation”. This process expands the amount of light within your energy structure, and gives you tools to harness 10 times the light and direct this amplified energy into your life.

This class brings in a greater awareness and connection to the light, tools to connect to your inner guidance, and ways to shift the energies when you realize you’re out of alignment.

Life Activation session
Full Spirit Activation session
Sacred Geometry Level 1
Empower Thyself Program & Initiation
Ongoing Support & Guidance

Investment: $1650 (save $225)

The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package delivers a very strong foundation for anyone who would like to dive into the ancient mysteries and gain more specialized tools to work with for their growth and healing. 

In addition to tools for your own healing, this package delivers tools for healers to share with others. In Sacred Geometry Level 2 you learn two ancient gemstone healing techniques, intuitive reading with crystals, and a crystal gridding technique you can install within a space to enhance the energy in the space on an ongoing basis. 

The art of Astral Travel is a powerful tool to explore more of our reality and gain a greater understanding of who we are as infinite spiritual beings. In this class you learn a very safe and effective method for Astral Travel that is time-tested for thousands of years. Learn to work with your Book of Life for guidance in your growth and healing journey, and as you strengthen your Astral Travel muscles, your intuition opens for greater awareness of reality. 

Journeys of the Spirit is a full-day of shamanic journeys working with your Higher Self and discovering more about who you are on a deep level. In this class you receive keys to work with in meditation to support you in life, and techniques to work with to open your intuitive senses. Build your relationship with the four elements, the energies of this planet, and bring balance within to create more effectively in your life.

12 Races of Earth shares the ancient lineage teachings about the magickal beings sharing the planet with humans. Learn more about faeries, elves, mermaids, and more. Dispel the myths and discover what we can learn from these beings to create a more peaceful world for all. 

This package delivers all of the prerequisite training for anyone who would like to attend the 5-day Healers Academy training and 2nd step initiation within the lineage.

Life Activation session
Full Spirit Activation session
Sacred Geometry Level 1
Empower Thyself Program & Initiation
Sacred Geometry Level 2
Journeys of the Spirit
Astral Travel
12 Races of Earth
Ongoing Support & Guidance

Investment: $2700 (save $375)

Universal Kabbalah Program

 Experience a transformational 10-month journey unlike any other! The Universal Kabbalah ascension program facilitates accelerated growth within a time-tested system of energetic ascensions through the Tree of Life. Move beyond psychology to come into greater alignment with your divine essence and live life from this new foundation.

Universal Kabbalah Package includes:

Life Activation Session

Full Spirit Activation Session

Empower Thyself Program

4 Kabbalah Ascensions

11 study groups

1 retreat weekend

Bonus Gift: Tree of Life corresponding essential oils kit

Package Details:

  • Payment plan options are available. Start with a $350 deposit, and contact Genevieve to arrange additional payments. 
  • All payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another class or service.
  • Schedule a consultation with Genevieve to build a custom package to meet your specific goals.

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