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Awaken Thyself!

Modern Mystery School - Awaken Thyself!DISCOVER THE PATH OF INITIATION

The ancient Mystery School tradition specializes in guiding people toward a realization of potential and spiritual development. In truly knowing ourselves we can more fully realize our purpose in life so that we may share our unique gifts and experiences with the world.

Studying within this authentic lineage you will find ancient tools and a wealth of spiritual wisdom passed down through an unbroken oral tradition. Throughout history these teachings have been kept hidden, preserved through a direct teacher-to-student handing down within an oral tradition. Those who have walked the path before you include many of the worlds most influential people including Leonardo Da Vinci, Carl Jung, Nicola Tesla, and Sir Isaac Newton, to name a few.

In this class you will be introduced to an ancient lineage of initiation and learn valuable tools to use in your own life, including:

– A shamanic technique for connecting with your higher self
– Ancient rituals for protection
– How to create a sacred circle
– How to call down energies for use in daily life

Pre-requisites: None