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12 Races of Earth: Elemental Beings

Humans share the planet with other races of beings, known as “elementals” who have interacted with humans to various degrees throughout our history. There once was a time when they existed openly with humans, and the legends of these beings continued through the ages, developing many misconceptions along the way. 

We have much to learn from these beings, including Fairies, Elves, Mermaids, Gypsies, Vampires, and more. Beginning to rebuild trust, dispelling common myths about these beings, and learning how to develop a positive relationship with these groups is the first step. These beings, known as “elementals,” have an important role to play for the planet, and by repairing our relationship with them we can bring the planet into a greater state of harmony.


  • Receive the lineage teachings about beings humans share the planet with, including the Fairies, Elves, Mermaids, Vampires, and more.
  • Dispel myths related to these beings and gain a better understanding of how they work with humans.
  • Learn how building a stronger relationship with these beings can help bring greater healing and unity to the planet.