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It is easy to identify yourself as your physical body. The reality we live in is so tangible as we perceive through our 5 senses. However, there is more to reality that you can explore and learn from because you are much more than this physical body. You are an infinite spiritual being, and there is much for you to explore that will support you with your life on earth.

In this class you will be introduced to a technique to learn how to safely shift your consciousness beyond the physical body, to begin to explore more of reality, including the 7 dimensions and learning from beings of light who are here supporting the evolution of humans.

Use Astral Travel to:

  • Travel to the Akashic Zone and access your Book of Life for understanding and clarity about the Self.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are beyond the human form.
  • Connect with other Beings of Light to learn from and gain a deeper understanding of the universe and all of the dimensions.

Not only is Astral Travel extremely helpful for direct experience of the nature of our reality, through Astral Travel you will come to more deeply recognize the reality of who you are as a spiritual being. The art of Astral Travel works because you are an infinite spiritual being, and you have the ability to shift your awareness to another point within your infinite self.



  • Exercises to build your Astral Travel vehicle
  • Experience a guided Astral Travel journey
  • Manual with lineage teachings on Astral Travel.
  • Step by Step instructions for a safe and effective Astral Travel technique.
  • A list of places to travel for your learning, healing, and personal progression.
  • Opportunity to attend guided meditations to practice with this technique.