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To “initiate” means to begin. To put energies in motion. With the Empower Thyself Initiation program you initiate a new way of being in the world.  It is a choice to align with your best self, by seeking tools to empower you to be more aware of when you’re stopping yourself, and energetic support to make the shift into alignment with your passion and purpose.

What is Initiation?

Initiation is a key to anchoring spiritual energies into the physical. It puts energies into motion for you to move onto an accelerated path of self-awareness, growth, healing, and empowerment.

The Empower Thyself Initiation is the ancient process of handing down spiritual teachings and energetic keys to work with the tools of this lineage. It is like an unbroken thread, weaving through history, maintaining these keys for thousands of years through an ancient, unbroken oral tradition.

In this program you will receive foundational teachings to shift your consciousness into a more empowered state of being, and practical tools to support you in making the choice to bring significantly greater amounts of light and positive energy into your life.

What is covered in this program:

Key teachings maintained through the Lineage of King Salomon assist you to integrate and work with energy in a tangible way, for sustainable transformation your life. These teachings have not been published or made available anywhere else, as they have been kept sacred and handed down through the oral tradition as it has been done for thousands of years.

This program is specialized in expanding the mind and providing practical tools for life. As a spiritual being living in the physical world, this 2-day program provides a strong foundation to better understanding and experiencing more of your full potential.

Stand on a new foundation of understanding and gain insight and tools related to: 

  • The Structure of the Universe 
  • Energy Structure of the Human Body
  • Mastering the Mind & Influence of the Negative Ego 
  • Keys to Wielding Energy
  • Meditation
  • Harnessing Chi Energy 
  • Intuition & 5 Spiritual Senses
  • Universal Kabbalah & the Tree of Life

Activate Your Potential

The teachings are not only for the mind; throughout the two-day process we are building toward the initiation where we anchor these keys for inner alchemy and set energies in motion. You are initiated into a community choosing to take action in their lives with a desire to be a greater force for good in the world.

Often we find ourselves in this program because of an inner knowing or soul excitement, beginning an accelerated journey of coming to know who you are, as you have discovered an ancient path specialized in supporting humanity’s spiritual progression. As each one of us decides to do the work of self-healing and cultivating inner peace, we can better support a global movement of healing toward greater harmony and peace for all.

For those who desire to continue their journey on the Path of Progression, deeper teachings and many more tools are available through the Path of Progression.




Register with $350 deposit

*Pre-requisite: Life Activation Session.

My experience at the Modern Mystery School has infused Joy & Light into my heart & soul! Through this lineage tradition, Genevieve Wachutka conveys powerful lessons to get rid of the negative Ego, step into the Light and walk the path to Self Mastery & Enlightenment.

I am forever grateful for receiving the keys to unlock the treasure within!”

Thomas S.

“Working with Genevieve has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself over the past 2+ years. From Empower Thyself Program, regular 1v1 check-ins, guided meditations, and currently Kabbalah Program, Genevieve has been a constant light and source of wisdom and joy.

Her insatiable quest for knowledge of what King Solomon’s lineage has to offer and her ability to share and relay these teachings creates a space where one can truly dig into self-work and in a space free of judgement.

When I think of Genevieve, I think of community because I know and see what a pillar she is to those around her. FIVE STARS.”

Courtney L.

“I was called to take Empower Thyself with Genevieve and am very grateful that I followed through with taking that action. 

The energy that came through for me was transformative and very powerful.  I left feeling directed and supported and had received tools to continue empowering myself throughout my life. 

At time of writing it has been a little over a month from receiving my initiation and the changes that have already started taking place in my life have been Magickal. 🙏

Matt T.

“This past year Genevieve has been my Guide on my spiritual growth path. She has shared many classes, healing sessions and guided meditations with me.

Genevieve is very insightful, in touch with her higher self, and leads by example. She has a wealth of knowledge & experience to share. After each interaction I leave feeling centered and at peace.”

Melinda S.

“Genevieve’s Empower Thyself course came at a time when I needed it the most.  Through her patience, listening, and gentle questions, she helped me identify the aspirations I’ve always carried, but was too afraid to face.  This course gives you the time to look inwardly, and honor yourself and your purpose.  It has greatly helped me in working with others, and recognizing the importance in everyone realizing their dreams.  Conflicts are easier to navigate, anxieties are faced with calmness, and my goals aren’t daunting–they are gifts that I now get the opportunity to pursue.  Thank you Genevieve for doing this work and sharing your love and compassion.”

Alex H.

“I really enjoyed the Empower Thyself class! I did not know what to expect when I initially heard about it but had a strong feeling it was for me. The cost was definitely a concern for me at first but once I had committed to taking the class I found that money just seemed to work itself out. I absolutely felt shifts in my life after just deciding to take the class! After the class and the initiation I have noticed many changes in my life.

One of the biggest has actually been reflected in those around me and shifts I have seen in them. I feel like my energy is reaching people in a different way and that is very exciting! It has inspired me to continue forward in the Modern Mystery School. I feel that if more people choose to participate in this particular course we would see a strong shift toward peace and unity on Earth. I hope everyone gives it a chance!”

Emma E.

I attended the “Empower Thyself” classes after having a “Life Activation” session with Genevieve.  I really hadn’t intended to do anything beyond a “Life Activation” session, but the “Empower Thyself” class was so inline with my own personal beliefs about “Life, the Universe and Everything” that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more.

I was still reeling from the death of my father and my aunt, two major pillars in my personal support system, and this class really helped me to strengthen my belief in myself and unleash the potential within myself. It restored me to the place that we are all meant to be.

If you truly want to take control of your life, if you have a calling to heal, be it people, animals, or the planet, this is the place to begin. Time is precious, just do it now.

Melissa P.

“I have always been interested in spirituality and the meaning of life. The Empower Thyself program gave me tools and knowledge to become an alchemist of my own progression. With simple daily rituals and information of the many beings of light that are by my side, this ancient lineage has opened my eyes to how I can live more as my higher self. I am eternally grateful to Genevieve for guiding me on my path.”

Nikolet J.

“There is no greater (and rarer) gift that we can give ourselves than empowerment; therefore, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to attend Empower Thyself. The simple fact is that we are always responsible for our lives and choices, but in today’s society we tend only to be taught victimization. Empower Thyself teaches us how to make proactive choices that coincide with our values, helps us understand that we are in charge of our own happiness, teaches us how to protect that happiness, and guides us in how to radiate that positive energy to others around us. Once we embrace understanding ourselves, others, and how those things are connected, our whole world’s perspective changes, and we begin to exemplify the kindness, understanding, patience, acceptance, and peace that is so sorely lacking in this day and age.

Even if you already feel empowered in your life, you can still benefit from Empower Thyself. Take me, for example. I am an inherently happy person and have been told for much of my life that “people just feel better when they’re around me.” While I like being able to help others, it is not easy for me because I also tend to absorb the energy (particularly the negative) of those around me very easily. After taking Empower Thyself, I now understand how to protect myself from that energy, as well as how to more purposefully and pointedly share my own light with others around me.

If you are here in this moment considering this class, I encourage you to do so. By finding this class, you have already been called to a higher understanding of yourself and the world around you, and you could not ask for a more caring and patient guide than Genevieve.”

Jillian C.