• SESSION LENGTH: 120 minutes

  • INVESTMENT:$385 per session (including tax)

  • $900 for 3-session package

Etheric Reconstruction works with the layer of energy nearest the physical body, the etheric energy. This is where the blueprints for physical manifestation exist. All illness passes through the etheric energy field before manifesting in the physical body. With this session we can remove blockages and heal distortions within the etheric energy body.

Here we can address core issues and obstructions that keep you stuck in patterns. When you’re on a path of self-awareness and healing, an etheric reconstruction session can support you in fully releasing these old patterns that continue to exist within the etheric energy layers.

As you do self-healing work, there is more that surfaces and is ready to be removed. As a result, it is recommended to receive the Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, and Empower Thyself intiation before receiving etheric reconstruction. There are exceptions to this recommendation, and in the case of severe depression, mental illness and some severe physical illnesses clients benefit from etheric reconstruction as an immediate intervention.


Etheric Reconstruction Tools
Etheric Reconstruction


This is a very sacred session and it is always an honor to serve a client in this way. The client will be seated during the session, as Genevieve completes a scan of the etheric energy layers, focusing on the region around the head. The next step is to use etheric reconstruction tools from the mineral kingdom to heal and clear the areas identified during the scan.

It may take 2-3 sessions to complete the process of clearing all 7 layers of the etheric body.  At the completion of each session you will receive a homeopathic elixer that will support you in integrating the healing energy from this session.