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12 Races: Magickal Beings of Earth

These beings, referred to as ‘Elementals’ include Elves, Fairies, Mermaids, Gypsies, Vampires and more. In the past, they lived openly and in harmony with humans. Each race serving a purpose that benefited the evolution of humanity and our planet. As time went on, elemental beings began to hide themselves from our experience. From behind the veil, they have continued to support humanity’s progression, and look forward to a time when we can re-build our relationship with them.

You may be familiar with some of these beings from movies, books, and stories, but how much of these stories are real? Within the lineage of King Salomon, initiates have maintained a working relationship throughout the ages. The time has come when these beings are ready to share more of their teachings with humanity. Join this program to dispel some of the myths, and receive lineage teachings to begin to build your personal relationship with them. Become an ambassador to build a bridge between humanity and the other races of earth!

Elemental beings can be powerful allies for us, and provide us with a great deal of knowledge, transformation, protection, healing and joy. The key is we must learn how to appropriately interact with them. The more we know, the more we can open our minds and hearts to their friendship.

As they share their knowledge and teachings to build bridges with humanity, we have the opportunity for greater healing between all beings on the planet. Unity and harmonious relationships with these beings would create a peace this world has not yet seen!


  • Learn who these magickal beings are and what energies they work with.
  • Discover how these beings have assisted (and continue to support) humanity and the earth.
  • Dispel the myths that have been shared in human culture.