Empower Thyself Initiation

To “initiate” means to begin. The Empower Thyself Initiation puts energies in motion, and those who choose to receive this transformational 2-day program receive practical tools and energetic support to make the shift into alignment with your passion and purpose.

What is Initiation?

Initiation is a key to anchoring spiritual energies into the physical. The Empower Thyself Initiation is the ancient process of handing down spiritual teachings and energetic keys to wield universal energies in a new way.  opening pathways of energy within your being. It has been done in this way for thousands of years through an oral tradition within this ancient, unbroken lineage.

In this program you will receive foundational teachings to shift your consciousness into a more empowered state of being, and practical tools to support you in making the choice to bring significantly greater amounts of light and positive energy into your life.

What is covered in this program:

Key teachings maintained through the Lineage of King Salomon assist you to integrate and work with this new energy in your life. These teachings have not been published or made available anywhere else. You will not find this in a book or on Google.

These teachings include:

  • The Structure of the Universe – receive ancient lineage teachings on the structure of the universe and the nature of humans. Discover how you can connect and build a personal relationship with beings of light, including angels, Masters of Light, and elemental beings here to support humanity.
  • Energy Structure of the Human Body – gain awareness of the mechanism of your energy body: the chakras, aura, physical body, soul body, spirit body, etheric, elemental, magnetic energies and more. Learn how these elements fit together, and how to strengthen and maintain the integrity of this structure.
  • Mastering the Mind & Influence of the Negative Ego – this is a key teaching throughout the program. The first step is gaining awareness of the mind. How often are we stopping ourselves? As we gain awareness, we can begin to make a choice to step into the drivers seat and align with our best self more often. To respond rather than react, and to feel empowered with tools to support you in this process.
  • Keys to Wielding Energy – one of the tools you will receive is learning how to wield energy. You will receive 6 lineage rituals to shift your energy, protect your energy from outside influences, call in positive energy to support you in aligning with your best self, and set a foundation of positive, empowerment.
  • Meditation – a meditation practice is a powerful ally when it comes to mastering the mind. In this class you will learn the basics of meditation, and a versatile technique to build your relationship with your Higher Self, for clarity, healing, and a way to connect to the wisdom within you for self-guidance. Begin a meditation practice or take your practice to the next level with the support of your initiation.
  • Harnessing Chi Energy – connect with the life force energy that flows through you and surrounds you, learn how to harness this energy for greater vitality, health, and expanding awareness. You will be introduced to a technique called Chi Do, and will have the opportunity to join monthly guided chi do exercises.
  • Intuition & 5 Spiritual Senses – how do you expand your intuitive senses? Learn simple exercises to begin to perceive more of the world around you. Activate your super human powers as you work with these awareness building techniques.
  • Universal Kabbalah – the Tree of Life is a blueprint for creation, and gives us a map to align with our divine self, and learn how energy flows into manifestation.  Discover how this pattern relates to you, your energy body, and is the blueprint within your DNA. Within the Tree of Life is a process of deep healing and transformation to be discovered.

Activate Your Potential

The teachings are not only for the mind. Throughout the two-day process we are building toward the initiation where we anchor these keys for inner alchemy and set energies in motion. You are initiated into a community of people choosing to take action in their lives with a desire to be a greater force for good in the world.

Often we find ourselves in this program because of an inner knowing or soul excitement, beginning an accelerated journey of coming to know who you are, as you have discovered an ancient path specialized in supporting humanity’s spiritual progression. As each one of us decides to do the work of self-healing and cultivating inner peace, we can better support a global movement of healing toward greater harmony and peace for all.

INVESTMENT: $1200 (Register with $350 deposit)

*Pre-requisite Life Activation session

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