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Inner Guidance Series: Part 2 – Spiritual Intuition

Did you know we’re all intuitive by nature? Just like physical muscles, psychic muscles can be developed through exercise and use. Get to know your intuitive strengths and how to recognize your unique intuitive gifts as you begin working with simple exercises to open your intuition.

Whether you’re looking to perceive more in meditations, connect to your inner knowing and guidance, or be able to discern the energies around you (in your home, at work, in relationships with other people) this class will assist you in developing your intuitive perceptions so you can be more consciously aware of the energies you’re experiencing.

This can be especially helpful for those who are empathic and more sensitive to the energies they encounter so you can manage your exposure to disruptive energies.

PLUS sharpening your ability to perceive and learning to TRUST your intuition gives you an invaluable tool as you tap into the infinite wisdom and inner guidance within you.

In this class you will:

> Discover more about your intuitive senses
> Learn how to work with these senses more actively
> Receive exercises you can do on your own to develop and open your intuition