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Sacred Geometry Level 1

Sacred Geometry is the study of the language of the universe. Discover how to activate these energies and raise the vibration within you and your space.

In Sacred Geometry Level 1, we begin with a foundational understanding of the concept of Sacred Geometry. Learn how Sacred Geometry enhances our experience as spiritual beings living in the physical world.

What you learn in this class:

  • Gain insight into the art of Sacred Geometry and how it can enhance your life.
  • Activate the keys to creation within your physical body.
  • Work with these keys using a practical technique to raise your vibration
  • Learn a technique to activate the keys within a room or building to shift the energy. Raise the vibration, and provide energetic protection from outside influences.
  • Discover the art of using an altar to anchor spiritual energies and anchor your personal spiritual practice.
  • Receive a ritual to create temple energy for your personal spiritual practice.

This training comes from an authentic Mystery School tradition sharing practical tools for life. Learn the art of Sacred Geometry to work with energy in a simple and practical way, and enhance your energy and the energy of your space.

Investment: $175