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Learn Sacred Geometry tools for crystal healing in this full day workshop. Sacred Geometry Level 2 dives into crystal magick, where you learn tools to tap into the healing power of crystals. Experience an immersion in working with gemstones and crystals to enhance daily life.

What is Sacred Geometry? Sacred Geometry is a universal language of energy, frequency, and vibration. We see it in patterns, harmonies, shape and sound. As rays of light travel through the universe, they slow down, eventually forming physical materia.

In this class receive:

  • A GEMSTONE HEALING technique for self healing or to share with others. This is a laying on of stones crystal healing where you place stones upon the body and use an ancient process to activate them to work with the client for healing. This session is very gentle and grounding.
  • A HEALING CRYSTAL RITES technique to resolve emotional trauma and bring good fortune. Working with crystals and words of power to bring in a powerful energy for deep healing.
  • A CRYSTAL GRIDDING technique to enhance the energy in your home or office. Install a permanent crystal grid in your space to expand the sense of space, and create a strong container for divine energy. Raise the vibration of your space for greater creativity, focus, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.
  • An INTUITIVE READING technique working with twin crystals to provide clarity and insight for your client. This technique works with your client’s questions to empower them in their lives.
  • A technique to enhance dreamtime with crystals

Investment: $550
Register with a $300 deposit
*cost of class includes crystals for 2 different healing sessions and intuitive readings

Life Activation & Sacred Geometry Level 1