Universal Kabbalah Ascension

The year long ascension journey begins January 2020!

The Universal Kabbalah ascension program is a journey of healing and transformation. It is a system of understanding how energies flow into manifestation, and how we can align with our individual God-essence within.

The Tree of Life is one of the main tools and object of study within Universal Kabbalah. It is a pattern with many layers of deep meaning to explore and unfold. Often referred to as “The Roadmap for Life,” it gives us the blueprint for manifestation and a path to ascend to higher states of consciousness, and unite with our divinity for a more empowered and joyful life.

This pattern has existed since the beginning of time. It was not created by humans, but was discovered as a complex Sacred Geometry pattern that describes how energy flows from source/creation, to the physical world.

Climbing the Tree of Life!

Standing here in the physical world, Malkuth (translated as The Kingdom), we can use this map to clean up the subconscious programming and wounding that keeps us stuck in unhealthy patterns. As we climb the Tree of Life, we awaken the divinity within us and live life as a royal, divine being in service to our Kingdom. This is the journey to Reclaim the Crown. To embody our divinity, and bring Heaven to Earth.

The Tree if not just a concept; it is alive within each of us. It is within our DNA. A pattern of creation within us. What makes this program unique, is that the Universal Kabbalah tradition maintained through the Modern Mystery School, engages the energies of the Tree of Life. We have the opportunity to experience an ascension process to activate this pattern within us on a deeper level. As we do so, we begin to work with the dynamic Tree of Life within our being, showing us where we are in balance, and where we must shift to achieve our desired outcome. Through working with the Tree, we begin a close examination of who we are at our very core.