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Happy Spring 🙂 

The Wheel of the Year is turning! With the March equinox we reach this point of balance, moving into Spring in the northern hemisphere. ⁠

It’s a time of new beginnings. A time of rebirth. Celebrating the return of the light, the sun growing stronger and waking up the earth. The buzz of activity starting to grow as we come out of our hibernation and start planting seeds for what we want to cultivate this coming year. ⁠

With the power of the recent full moon in Virgo paired with the spring equinox, it’s an excellent time to harness this light and bring it into our lives to purify. To let go of what is not working so we can emerge ready to cultivate the seeds of new beginnings.⁠

Don’t know where to start? Checkout this free PDF download where I share a 5-step activity for a Spring Re-Set.

I’d like to share about something I’ve started that’s very new and outside the comfort zone, but is also turning out to be fun and creatively engaging: creating videos!

If you follow me on InstagramFacebook, or YouTube, you’ll see that I’ve been creating a lot of content and sharing new videos every week. 

So far I’ve covered topics like:

  • What is Healing, Really?
  • Is Magick is Real?
  • Embracing Failure
  • Self Mastery vs Spirituality
  • Sharing my story as a Guide and Healer

While being in front of the camera takes some getting used to, I’ve really enjoyed the creative element, creating videos and content that may inspire or share insight from my own experience that may support others on their path. 

I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think (links below)! Follow or subscribe for future videos, and if there are any topics you’d like to see covered, or questions you have for me, let me know!