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The 2nd Step Initiation is a choice to step into greater service with your unique gifts and passion as you come to understand yourself more deeply through serving others.

As you choose to take a more active role in bringing light and healing into your own life, this expands throughout your sphere of influence (family, friends, workplace, community, and beyond). The 2nd Step Initiation accelerates and empowers you to wield your energies for service in the world. To come to gain deeper undertanding of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

Whether or not your have aims of becoming a “healer” in the traditional sense of the world, this initiation facilitates deeper self-healing and empowers you to share your unique light with the world.

At the completion of the 5-day Healers Academy program, you will have the ability to share the gift of the Life Activation with others, to plant a seed of hope and connection with the divine essence within.

What you receive: 

  • GREATER EMPOWERMENT: The 2nd step initiation brings 10x more empowerment (on top of the 10x from Empower Thyself) so you are now wielding 100x more light to direct with your thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • SELF-HEALING: The 5 days of Healers Academy is an incredibly healing experience as the alchemy of this program and preparation for the 2nd step initiation brings in a tremendous amount of light energy to assist you in healing and shifting on a deep level. This is a very heart-based program and will assist you in moving from the mind into the heart.
  • LIFE ACTIVATION PRACTITIONER: Become a certified Life Activation Practitioner and gain the opportunity to serve others with this sacred and precious gift of empowerment.
  • MAX MEDITATION SYSTEM PRACTITIONER: Learn the MAX Meditation System and begin to guide others in building their meditation practice.
  • AURA HEALING MODALITY: Receive a technique to assist others in repairing the aura, for greater vitality and and integrity of the auric structure.






Completing Healers Academy opens the door to learning more advanced healing modalities within the lineage, including advanced healer training and the opportunity to step onto the path of the Ritual Master. The Ritual Master program is for those seeking to overcome the negative ego and be in service to humanity to change the world for the better.