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Journeys of the Spirit is a powerhouse class for those who wish to dive into the art of using a meditation journey for healing and personal growth. In this class you’ll be guided on several shamanic journeys to connect with aspects of yourself, and receive keys to continue working with these energies on your own. You will receive a shamanic technique to safely journey in meditation, and intuition development exercises to open your intuitive senses for a more robust meditation experience.

Meditation journeys in this class include:

  • Sanctuary Meditations to build your relationship with your Higher Self and receive keys for: Enlightenment, Empowerment, Love, Physical Health, Abundance, Imagination, Intent.
  • Connect and build your relationship with Mother Gaia
  • Connect and build your relationship with each of the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
  • Connect and build your relationship with your inner masculine and inner feminine and find your unique balance in this relationship

In this class you will also learn a technique to create sacred space for protection on your meditation journey, and to support you spiritual connection. Begin building personal relationships with beings of light and aspects of yourself with these powerful meditation techniques.


  • Class manual with steps for each meditation journey to continue working with this technique on your own.
  • Intuition development techniques to expand your ability to perceive subtle energies and enhance your meditation experience.
  • A ritual to create sacred space for protection on your journey and to enhance your ability to connect during meditation.
  • Gain confidence in working with your Higher Self in meditation for greater awareness, clarity, healing, and harnessing energy to support you in your life.