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  • CLASS LENGTH: 60 minutes


  • 10-CLASS PACKAGE: $100

Making meditation accessible to all levels of experience, Genevieve provides gentle guidance and support to build a foundation for a meditation practice. Meditation is a powerful tool to enhance mental clarity,  emotional stability, and overall physical wellbeing. This weekly class offering is designed to support you in making meditation your secret weapon to a greater sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

In this class you will be introduced to breathing techniques and guided through a process of full body relaxation,  mindful meditation, and guided visualization. This system for meditation was developed by Founder Gudni Gudnason as a combination of ancient meditation techniques and modern neurolinguistic programming. It is specialized in aiding deeper relaxation and stress relief and giving you tools to work with on your own as you develop your personal meditation practice.

Class schedule includes all MAX Meditation System™ classes available at Modern Mystery School – Minneapolis / St. Paul.

Private Sessions

Receive individualized support to kick-start your practice and gain accountability for your meditation practice. Schedule a 90min session to discuss your goals, the challenges you’re experiencing, and receive guidance through a meditation experience.

Single session: $85

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  • Guidance on how to build a foundation for a meditation practice.
  • Support for those who are skeptical about meditation due to mind chatter and/or available time to meditate.
  • Breathing techniques to assist in slowing down your brain waves for a deeper meditative state.
  • Guided full body relaxation utilizing neurolinguistic programming.
  • A technique to assist you in cultivating a quiet mind.
  • Guided visualization techniques to rebalance and restore your energy body.
“Genevieve is an especially effective meditation guide. I always feel calm and fresh after MAX Meditation. She’s a thoughtful, generous, and perceptive teacher. Genevieve’s class is a friendly and comfortable environment. I recommend it if you’ve never tried mediation before, or if you’ve done a ton of meditation and want to learn something new.
Kathy K.

“Genevieve is awesome! I’m new to meditation and she helped me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you!”
Ashley K.

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