Use this product for enhanced psychic protection for you and your space. This blend of herbs and salt is created using a specialized ritual to give protection from the chaotic energies of the world and directed negativity. This essence provides energetic protection to enhance clarity of mind and emotional stability.  It is created using a ritual that is in alignment with the light and does no harm in the process of providing protection.
Psychic Protection Essence - Genevieve Wachutka


This blend of salt and herbs is created using a ritual for psychic protection. It is divided into 5 containers, 4 to be placed in the 4 corners of your space, and the 5th to be carried on your person. If you are using this product for your home, you can bury the containers at the four corners of your property, or if used inside, placed in the four corners of your floor plan (or a speciffic room). 

A specialized travel set is also available

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to replace the set annually.