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The Path of Initiation

The core path of Initiation is available for those who would like to pursue a path of accelerated Self Mastery and empowerment. All great spiritual leaders have walked a path of Initiation. While you are your own healer, there is a time-tested system available that has been maintained throughout generations to provide keys to unlocking greater understanding, and tools to assist you in your journey of Self Discovery.

Temet Nosce: Know Thyself!

The path of Initiation maintained by the Modern Mystery School is not a religion or governed by any sort of dogma. It is a sacred process of handing down keys and practical tools to assist you in learning through direct experience.

Don’t take my word for it – apply the tools, and by the fruits you shall know. It is a path of personal responsibility – as no one can give you Empowerment. No one can tell you who you truly are and what your greatest gifts are, but as a Guide within this holy lineage, I can assist you with tools and practices that can help you discover this for yourself.  

What is a Mystery School?

The key that sets the Modern Mystery School apart from other organizations is the unbroken lineage. This means that the tools and teachings that you receive have been maintained, handed down through an oral tradition from teacher to student for thousands of years. These tools go beyond concepts and information, to include energetic processes and keys that anchor spiritual energy into the physical. This is the key to the power behind an authentic lineage tradition. 


Additional Training:

  • MAX Meditation System
  • Sanctuary Meditation Technique
  • Full Moon Meditations
  • Wiccan Ceremonies
  • Galactic Activation
  • Elven & Faery Magick
  • Mermaid Magick
  • Dragon Magick
  • Sylph Magick
  • Eliminating the Negative Ego
  • 7 Ancient Mystery Schools
  • Alchemy
  • Sacred Geometry Trainings
  • Ensofic Ray Healing
  • and many more!