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Do you have a morning routine that serves you? This is very current for me, as I’ve been re-building my morning routine since my daughter Margo was born last August.

Having a baby up-ended my routines, but I know how powerful a morning routine is so I’ve been finding my way to come back to it. I really missed a consistent morning routine, because I find that a little structure leads to big changes in how my day flows. For example, when I do my morning routine, it’s easier to keep that momentum going and I tend to have more energy, focus, and flow to take care of other aspects of myself and my life throughout the day.

Taking consistent action is key, and setting myself up for the day leads to the rest of the day going more smoothly. I find I’m better prepared to take on whatever the day brings. 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in building a morning routine with my daughter is to be adaptable.

Some parts of my routine I can do with my daughter, and others are better to do while she’s sleeping, so working around her sleep schedule means there’s variability. One day may go better than the next, but I just keep coming back to it and that consistency is where I see the best results. 

Here is my current morning routine:

  • Morning rituals and meditation – these are tools to work with energy, connect to spirit, and quiet my mind. I find myself more grounded, balanced, and stabilized for whatever the day may bring when I’m standing on that firm foundation of my spiritual being.
  • Gratitude journal – journaling and reflecting on all the things I’m grateful for in that moment feels good, and reminds me of all of my blessings. It sets a tone of appreciation and joy that continues throughout my day. If I’m feeling fear or a lack of some kind, it helps me shift into feeling fulfilled. 
  • Yoga with Margo – It feels good to move my body, stretch, and build strength. Margo likes to do this with me, and will lay on the yoga mat while I work around her. 
  • Cold plunge – this is a new piece I recently added in once I realized I could use my tub to try it at home. I’d been reading about the benefits of a regular cold plunge for inflammation, increasing metabolism, mood, and more. I fill the tub with water between 55-60 degrees. It helps me exercise my mind and will, and actually feels really good to do once you get through the initial cold shock. 

Another piece of this is I try to not engage with my phone until I complete my morning routine so I can stay present in the moment, and enjoy some time that’s just for me (and Margo!).

This is my morning routine and I find it serves me well. When it’s difficult to stay consistent, I remind myself of this piece of wisdom shared by one of my teachers, Dave Lanyon on the power of commitment and dedication.

The only thing that gets in the way between me and my goals is myself, and the good news is that means I can do something about it! This inspires me to stick with it even when I don’t feel like it, and to come back to it if I miss a day. Life can be hard, but I find my morning routine helps me rise to meet the challenges I face from a place of greater strength, clarity, and energy to overcome.

If you have a great morning routine, please share! I’d love to hear from you.