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I love good stories. I love reading poems that ignite my heart and soul. The power of words inspire moments of clarity and fiery feelings, but eventually the words fade and the subconscious buzz of my own mind takes over.

However, more potent than any of the words you consume is the state of your own inner dialogue.

What are the stories you tell yourself?

Indulge this visualization: If your mind was a forest, what would it look like?

Are the trees healthy? Is there sunshine? Flowers? Is it teeming with life? Are there shadows? Doubts lingering over every possibility? Ideas taking root? Imagine the state of your mind. Is it life-giving? Is it a supportive, nurturing environment?

Those words of inspiration that rock your soul are like gems. Hold onto them. Take them in and make them your own. Seek them out for a boost into the direction your wish to go.

But for real, lasting transformation you have to go deeper. Dig deeper. 

Examine your attitude. This is the foundation, and where we most often stop ourselves.

I’ll share a secret with you:

When I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling the weight of the day, I imagine that heaviness like a fog. It’s dark and thick, and once I can see it, I stand up to it.


I reach my hands to the sky and call on all the power within me to cut through this darkness, within me and my life. I imagine my words bring with it a powerful wind that blows that fog out of my life, and I feel brighter, clearer, and excited for all of the unknown potentialities of the day.

You may have your own way of shifting your attitude. Call on your power whenever you find yourself doubting, self-criticizing, worrying – whenever you think of yourself as anything less than a God/Goddess here to experience this world, to bring joy into your life and into the lives of others. Call on your power! Align with who you truly are and live from that foundation.

By shifting from within, everything around you transforms. The real power comes in the words you tell yourself. You have the ability to shift the narrative. Write yourself into the character you would like to be.

Note: Empower Thyself Initiation is the first step on a path of ancient lineage tools to support you in having greater awareness of your mind, receiving tools and energetic support to shift onto a stronger foundation, and the Universal Kabbalah Program (coming to MN in April!) is specialized in bringing greater awareness to the subconscious patterns, and tools to heal and re-structure the mind, so it can be an ally for you to direct. 

Artwork by Dominique Fortin

Genevieve Wachutka is a Guide and Healer with the Modern Mystery School, an international community of Lightworkers within the Lineage of King Salomon. With Guides and Healers in 60 countries around the world, click here to view upcoming international programs in the western world headquarters in Toronto, Canada.