My goal with producing the Temple of Being event was to create a window for the audience to shift into a greater awareness of self. To connect with the essence within, and attune to the experience of living as an infinite spiritual being. We often identify with our physical body, and forget or block out the inner knowing, sense of wholeness and confidence that comes from our connection to who we are as spirit.

The experience was a combination of art and sound healing. Working in collaboration with premier sound alchemists Philipp Schardt and Shane Thunder to create the 432hz sound healing experience.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is based on the understanding that sound shapes matter. Everything is energy, vibrating at specific frequencies. Light, sound, physical materia are all vibrations moving at a certain speed and frequency. Sound Healing works with the vibration of sound to attune the energies within our physical body.

This is related to Sacred Geometry, where we work with these patterns and frequencies of vibration to infuse spirit within the physical materia. Sacred Geometry is also used as a tool to guide us into greater understanding of who we are as spiritual beings.

Why 432hz Frequency?

The 432hz tuning is based on the Pythagorean principle of A = 432hz. Pythagoras was an initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon (like Philipp and me), and was familiar with Sacred Geometry. This specific frequency attunes us to the vibration and frequency of nature and the universe, and assists us to tune into that essence of who we are as spiritual beings. 

The sound bath is an experience of Sacred Geometry, using sound as a tool to guide our consciousness into greater awareness of spirit. This harmonious tuning can support physical healing and better sleep.

To prepare the audience for this inner journey, we setup a path of exploration from the moment of entering the theater. This pathway is designed to guide the audience into an awareness of self beyond the physical body. This is the Temple of Being: Journey to the Self.

The Masks We Wear

When we identify who we are with our physical body, and the experience of our physical body, we can disconnect to the truth of who we are. We begin to identify with the masks we wear: personality, life story, circumstances, physical traits, etc. These things are only a part of this physical experience. You are infinite spiritual being, and your time here on earth does not define you.

The pathway into the inner part of the Temple brings the audience into an experience of placing on the mask, and viewing their own reflection through this mask.

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It is a profound concept to reflect on: we can never truly see our own face. Even in a mirror, it is a reflection. There is an element of illusion.  Taking it further, this physical face that you see in the mirror isn’t truly you. It is a temporary vehicle for your infinite spirit as you have this physical experience. The real you, the infinite you, is so much more.

Consider that for a moment, you have never seen your own face. Who are you? 

The Truth About the Self

As the audience moves through this space, there is a weaving of the Pattern on the Trestleboard. This is a Kabbalistic ritual handed down within the Empower Thyself class, and further explored within the Universal Kabbalah program. This ritual is known as revealing the Truth About the Self, the truth of who you are as an infinite spiritual being.

This event is an artistic expression and immersive sacred geometry sound bath experience based on the ancient lineage teachings carried forward by the Modern Mystery School.

While we teach that you are an infinite spiritual being, and that may be a concept that you identify with, it is a whole different thing to move through the world with an awareness and experience of yourself as an infinite spiritual being. It changes the whole game when you realize at a heart level that you are so much more beyond this physical experience, and with that awareness comes greater empowerment.

My goal with this event was to provide a window into this experience, but the real work is done by walking the Path of Initiation and progression towards self mastery.