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In the Mystery School we teach that you, me (all of us), are infinite spiritual beings. There is more so much more to us than our physical bodies. Yet we so often identify ourselves as our physical bodies, and with that comes limitation. We define who we are by our physical experiences, by our personality and physical characteristics. Our culture, our personal story, our suffering.

We take all of this and use it to define us. But is that who we really are?

Prince Ea uses the analogy of many different lightbulbs, all different shapes, sizes and colors, but it’s the same electric current running through them all. I love this illustration of the human experience. There is a current running through each of us, no matter our individual expression, that is more true to who we are than anything we can identify with on this incredibly short journey on earth.

The Big Picture

Imagine this: we are all tourists here, infinite spiritual beings, stopping off to stretch our legs and take a look around.

This isn’t our home, we are infinite spiritual beings having a physical experience for a moment in time. The reason for the journey into the physical (and more of the human story according to the lineage teachings) is explored in the Empower Thyself program and the path of initiation, but for the purposes of this discussion let’s focus on this:

If you are an infinite spiritual being stopping off on earth for a moment, what do you want to do with your time?

When I reflect on this, 3 answers quickly rise to the top of the list:

  1. Understand more of who I am as an infinite spiritual being
  2. Find a way to make the greatest positive impact on the world
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest

With this perspective so many unimportant things fall away. Pressure to fulfill a demanding routine eases when you take the big picture perspective. The things that matter most to me come into greater focus. 

This realization is helpful, but it’s easy to fall back into routine and buried under the weight of life. The world isn’t always an easy place to be. We get pulled in many directions. We let our fears run us in circles. We let our emotions take us on wild rides, where we are like a ship tossed at sea. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tools for Riding the Wave of Life

How do we manage to stay on top of the wave and ride through the challenges of life with greater dexterity? How do we keep ourselves intune with the infinite light and power that flows through us?

In my experience, there are a few tools that are especially effective for this:

  • Meditation to cleanse the mind – developing a regular meditation practice is a key. In the Mystery School we recommend 2 hours a day, but even 20 minutes is a good start. Meditation helps us empty the mind of all of the garbage it picks up throughout the day. Cultivate quiet and stillness amid the noise. Tune into the unseen forces around you. Tune into the essence of who you are.
  • Life Activation session & Empower Thyself Initiation – the ancient tool of Life Activation has been used for thousands of years to wake up the DNA (also known as the Tree of Life), which holds the pattern / blueprint for who we are as spiritual beings. This activation helps us to remember and maintain that awareness of who we are as spiritual beings while we’re here in the physical.Stepping onto the path of initiation begins a journey of exploration into coming to know one’s self. It gives us tools, also known as rituals, that we can use every day to attune and align with the infinite light within. Rituals are like a key that unlock energies, connecting us with our power as infinite spiritual beings here in the physical, with the ability to wield unseen energies to support us on our journey.
  • Universal Kabbalah – The Universal Kabbalah is the #1 tool we have within the lineage for clearing out the subconscious programming of the mind, and re-writing your story according to who you truly are.  It is a journey of healing, and manifestation.

All of these tools have an element in common: they assist us in self-mastery. They are tools to bring the REAL YOU into the drivers seat. When applied together, the combination of meditation, healing, and training give you a strong foundation for living an empowered life.

To learn more about this transformational path of the initiate, schedule a consultation with Genevieve or begin with a Life Activation session.