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A message I needed to hear

Today I wanted to share a reminder that I needed to hear, and was grateful to receive.  Maybe you can relate: Often we are hard on ourselves without even realizing it (and other times we are very aware!). One of the more sneaky ways we are hard on ourselves is when we...

A Spiritual First Aid Kit

The past few weeks (or years) have been challenging. Collectively we are experiencing a lot of upheaval and uncertainty, tragedy and loss. On top of that we all have our personal challenges and experiences to navigate.  In the midst of it all there can still be beauty...

Getting Out of Your Own Way

I believe if you want to be effective in reaching your goals, living a life of joy, and experiencing your greatest potential, the most challenging roadblocks are the ones we put up for ourselves. The obstacles the world throws at us are much easier to navigate when we...

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I love good stories. I love reading poems that ignite my heart and soul. The power of words inspire moments of clarity and fiery feelings, but eventually the words fade and the subconscious buzz of my own mind takes over. However, more potent than any of the words you...

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Cleaning Up Mind Pollution

It was one of those “off” days. By the end of it, I had a healthy-sized pit in my stomach. I reflected on my words and actions throughout the day, beating myself up over what I said or how I had carried myself.  Conversations could have been meaningful, but instead I...

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Navigating Beyond the Comfort Zone

Real growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Beyond that horizon of routine is where we find the spice of life, the real magick that makes life worth living. Outside the comfort zone is where you may: Ask the person you like out on a date, or say "I love you" for...

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Working with an Altar

Working with an altar can be a very supportive way to connect to your personal spiritual practice. It is both a tool and a source of creative expression. When you create an altar, you create a space for a tangible, physical representation of spiritual energies.

The following are some tips to support you in building and working with your altar:

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Genevieve Wachutka

Knowing there was more to discover and feeling restless until I found it – I stumbled onto the Path of Initiation and began a journey into the metaphysical teachings of the Modern Mystery School for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

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