A highly recommended follow-up to the Life Activation session, the Full-Spirit Activation anchors more soul energy into the physical body, awakening the “old brain,” and bringing greater clarity, intuitive abilities, and activating each individual’s unique blueprints for contributing to planetary transformation and greater unity.

Consistent themes resulting from this session include:

  • Increased clarity and intuitive abilities
  • Greater awareness of spirit & soul energies
  • Expanding possibilities and inspirations
  • Awakening and balancing the chakra system & Tree of Life
  • Support with moving into new paradigm energies
Full-Spirit Activation


  • During the session you will be guided to sit or stand as Genevieve works within your energy field for an energy balancing followed by the activation.
  • This energy balancing works with the chakra system and Tree of Life within your energy field.
  • The activation awakens areas of the brain, working within the etheric energy field. You will experience gentle tapping points around the head and drawing connections to the appropriate chakras to awaken more of the potential of the mind. 
  • You will be sent home with two energetically-charged water elixirs to assist with integrating the energy from the session.

SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes

“I recently experienced the Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation with Genevieve and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an energy restart. As someone who suffers from anxiety, these two activations helped me find a certain level of calm and clarity that I have not felt in a long time. The activations helped me find new creative and professional energy. They also helped me calm down enough to have a good night sleep.” Kristine C.