• SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes

  • INVESTMENT: $550 (includes 3-session series)

The EnSofic Ray is the original ray of creation. This healing modality is the full reiki system as it was originally intended to be used. It is a powerful tool for re-aligning body, soul, spirit, supporting deep healing on all levels. Ensofic Ray is recommended for imbalances that result in any mental, emotional or physical manifestation of disease.

This modality is completed in a 3-part series for best results. In the first session we address stagnation and imbalances within the physical body, flowing this powerful ray of energy throughout the body to re-align and address the root cause of the illness. The second session continues the process of alignment and healing, and additionally places symbols within the energy field to transform the physical body’s ability to maintain the light energy. The third session is customized based on each client, choosing to focus on a personalized theme, for either physical, emotional, or mental healing.

EnSofic Ray support you to:

  • Address the energetic foundation responsible for the manifestation of disease
  • Align with your original blueprint and release old wounds contributing to negative behaviors / patterns
  • Increase consciousness of spiritual energies helping you to connect to your divine potential
  • Restore a connection to the unity within and without


During this session you will be laying on a massage table, fully clothed, to receive the EnSofic Ray energy. The three session series works in phases:

  • Session 1: Focusing on clearing energetic distortions and physical healing.
  • Session 2: Attuning with the Ensofic Ray and 12 rays of creation, placing symbols within your aura to restore the integrity of your energy body as a container for light.
  • Session 3: Continuing to flow the Ensofic Ray to attune your energy body, remove distortions for physical healing, and catalyzing shifts within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the self.

Each session in this series builds off of the work done during the previous session. It is recommended to schedule this 3-session series for 3 weeks in a row.

“After receiving Life Activation and the Three-session Ensofic Ray, I feel awake, peaceful and less reactive. After an 11 year journey of learning how to “stop living in my story”, Genevieve’s sessions helped reinforce and solidify confidence that I have the power to be in control of everything that happens in my life (even if I didn’t intend for certain circumstances to arise). My sleep has been more fulfilling, my concentration has been more constant, and I finally have worked out concrete goals and plans to move forward with tasks that I have been “pushing off for another day.” Now is the best time.” Christina V.