7 Ancient Mystery Schools Presentation

Are you interested in energy work, metaphysics, and the ancient traditions that have held these keys for humanity for thousands of years? Have you always known (or hoped!) that true magick was real? As initiates within one of these traditions, we’ll be sharing information on the 7 authentic Mystery School lineages still in operation on the planet.

For thousands of years, Ancient Mystery School lineages have operated behind the scenes to support humanity, with each lineage anchoring a specific ray of energy for the planet.

These 7 Lineages are anchored in:

North America

In this presentation, learn more about these 7 lineage traditions, what their purpose is, and experience the energy or frequency they work with. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience a ritual from each of these 7 lineages.

Learn more about the Modern Mystery School, operating within the North American ray, and holding the doors open to the ancient lineage of King Salomon. This is the only lineage currently open to the public. Discover why the time is now to open the doors to these ancient wisdom teachings, and share the depth of alchemy and magick that has existed within the cloisters of the authentic Mystery School tradition.

Join us for refreshments, story-telling, ritual, and an immersive experience into the mysteries.

Investment: $25

Instructors: Sarah Smriga & Genevieve Wachutka