Life Purpose Reading


The Life Purpose reading is focused on tapping into your spiritual blueprint within your etheric structure to gain information to support you on your life path. We can review past emanations that have prepared you for your mission here on earth, and gain insight into strengths and weaknesses.

With this reading you can learn information related to:

  • The nature of your soul
  • Strengths and abilities you have to support your life’s work
  • Past emanation experiences, lessons learned and themes you’ve experienced in order to do your life’s work
  • Beings of light working with you on your path
  • Contracts you have for mates and children

Through this process we can gain information to support you in moving forward with your life’s work to bring greater alignment with who you are and what you are here to do. Take this information and put it into action in your life!

Life Purpose Reading - Genevieve Wachutka


During this session we access your spiritual blueprint within your etheric structure. Genevieve will access this through the 11th codon activated during the Life Activation session. You will receive information and a key statement to illuminate a theme related to your life’s work.

It is recommended to do this session within 2-4 weeks of the Life Activation session, but it can be done anytime within 3 months.


  • SESSION LENGTH: 60 minutes

  • INVESTMENT: $150