Journeys of the Spirit

This is a powerhouse class for those who wish to expand their intuition and meditation muscles. With ancient shamanic lineage techniques, you’ll receive keys and teachings to travel through the dimensions on powerful guided meditation journeys. Using this technique, connect with your higher self, Masters of Light, and higher spiritual energies in a safe and effective manner. Practicing the meditations from this class will open you to an expand reality and your own connection to deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

  • Experience several meditation journeys to connect with Mother Earth, Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the union of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within you.

  • Raise your vibration to reach higher realms of energy.

  • Learn to create a sacred protected space that will support your spiritual connection.

  • Connect with Beings of Light and elementals from the spiritual realms.

  • Gain techniques to enhance Automatic Writing, Clairaudience (inner hearing), Clairvoyance (inner seeing), Clairsentience (inner feeling).

  • Establish a strong link to your Higher Self to receive accurate information and spiritual guidance.

Pre-requisites: Life Activation

In this class you’ll be guided on several journeys for:

  • Intuition Development

  • Sanctuary 12 Keys Meditation

  • Mother Gaia meditation

  • Element of Water Meditation

  • Element of Air meditation

  • Element of Fire meditation

  • Inner Masculine/Feminine Meditation